XHPM is more rigid than CHPM, and can improve hardness, lubricity and abrasion resistance through or blind hole and short material

In the process of cast iron, ductile iron and cast aluminum, the export dc tap is the leading industrial leader. The combination of super strong rake and VHC10 powder metal substrate makes it an absolute optimal solution for threaded ductile casting.

Characteristics of the From OHSG available DHIN or AHNSI oberall length, coolant or solid, metric and inch, up to 1 inch or M24 inch, Eccentic thread decompression straight trough design of multi-layer TiCN(V) coating. The interests of

Reducing friction during the cutting process reduces heat generation and prolongation of life. The hardest cutting design applies to both through and blind holes. The lamellar structure is resistant to thermal cracking and increases surface hardness to three times longer. Any machining of nodular cast iron is of absolute universality.

Cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast aluminum, metal powder, ductile casting. The cooling agent is used to further optimize the performance. Combined with synchronous tapping, the speed of 200 ~300 SHFM is on cast iron and aluminum.

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Forming a tap is not like cutting off a metal faucet to produce the required threads by compressing the work material. Because there is no chip production, the packaging of the chip and the nesting of birds are eliminated. In the most ideal case, the window type faucet is suitable for blind hole and through hole.

EHXOPRO XHPF & s-xhpf represents a new development in tap technology. These taps are 50 per cent less torque than other forming taps, so they can be used in 40 HRC and sizes of up to 1 inch.

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Non-fluoride forming tap-40-50% processing torque coolant can also be used (s-xpf) DHIN overall length benefit