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Flat die

The flat die produces external threads in the process of cold forming. The flat mold USES a fixed and a motion mode to form threads. OHSG death is hardened and can be treated with nitride or our own XHBT surface. OHSG provides the full service local regrinding function of OHSG and non-ohsg leveling modules.

The planets die

The planetary mould USES a fixed line segment and a circle of rotary molds to form threads. They are accurate on the surface of the rotating and linear surfaces. Precise heat treatment processes ensure that the worn life is consistent and can be treated with nitrides or our own XHBT surfaces.

Cylindrical mold

The cylindrical mould is ideal for all kinds of precision thread parts. They are made for rolling over feed. We provide full-service localized regrinding capacity for OHSG and non-ohsg cylindrical molds, and our molds can be treated with nitrides or our own XHBT surfaces.

Trimming die

In the cold head processing of bolts and fasteners, the trim mould is designed to eliminate flickering afterglow. There are many configurations for several different tool steels that are customized for your application. OHSG can quickly produce custom decorative molds and achieve the highest quality standards.

Frame mode

The frame mould is designed to eliminate the machine adjustment that is often needed in the mould. Simple mold installation and installation ensure the perfect work piece, reduces the setting time, eliminates the problem part. OHSG can build rack molds and provide full localized full-service regrinding functions on all racks. It can be treated with nitrogen or our own XBT surface.

Mould finishing

OHSG provides a mold renovation service at our plant in parma, Ohio. Using this program can lead to cost savings in purchasing new tools. Flat die, cylinder mould and rack mould can be adjusted.