All parts of WHXL are designed for rigidity and performance, and are available in various materials and milling applications. Substrate, geometry, and proprietary WHXL coatings are made exclusively for nonferrous materials, mild steel, and steel to 50HRC.

Characteristics of the

The core diameter WHXL coating – + 1100 degrees Celsius oxidation temperature + 3100Hv hardness value

The hardest wear resistance of abrasion resistance. High accuracy almost eliminates the need to work and rework the mold maker. In terms of strength and stiffness, the tool USES a thicker core diameter. The high coating oxidation temperature and hardness significantly improved wear resistance.

Suitable for hardening steel < 50 HRC. Also applicable to: cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, alloy steel, die steel, copper alloy and aluminum alloy. Combined with high speed machining technology, optimized performance.

Rough milling cutter

The rough-finished milling cutter has a gap or jagged edge on the cutting edge, and as a mechanical chip breaker, it can produce chips that are shorter and easier to manage. Usually used for “rough” applications where deep cutting and low power machine capabilities are available.

Bulb mills

Ball nose end mill, with a full radius, suitable for milling 3d contour. The entire radius, or sphere shape, allows for high precision profile and profile, while minimizing the fragmentation of corners at the end of the square and corner radius.

The outer carbon steel – WHXS end mill is the new industry standard of hard milling. All design for WHXS is for hardness and for hardening steel 50 HRC and greater performance. Substrate, geometry, and proprietary WHXS coatings are specifically designed for hardened steel, such as D2,A2,S7, H13, and CPM.

Characteristics of the

Ultra-fine granular carbide high precision geometry – all Angle radius and ball mill have + / -5um radius tolerance high strength core diameter WXS coating – + 1300 degrees Celsius oxidation temperature, + 3500Hv hardness value

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