Tru-flo threads

Experienced engineers and threaded tools are required to provide cost-effective and feasible solutions for your public faucet, mold and thread gauges

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The tools from North America

Use AHNSI,DHIN and iso – 529 size taps

Solid carbide and carb-i-sert

Tru-flo threads form the tap

Cost CutterTM combined drill and Tap

Coolant – the Fed (hole)

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Telescopic tap/pulley tap

Spiral point/spiral groove

Oversize tap

Left to cut

Tin (in stock)

… And other measures to measure threaDHINg…

Thread factory

ThreaDHINg death

Screw thread gauge

Tru-flo threads form the tap

The thread forming tap (tru-flo faucet) provides improved thread quality and strength due to lack of flow design, thus allowing greater fastener strength in threaded products. The faucet is not cut off, so it is “dandruff” and therefore does not cause chip problems. This is why the thread is formed during the thread cutting process, eliminating expensive and time-consuming chip cleaning and processing.

The speed can be increased to twice the traditional cut… There’s more tapping every hour. The special truflo size of the north American tool is shipped in 24 hours.

Tips for using thread tap:

Truo – Flo faucet on spindle speed is the most effective, faster than the traditional cutting tap 1-1/2 to 2 times, especially in soft material and/or a fine pitch truo – Flo faucet.

Adequate lubrication is essential to extend the life and quality of the thread when reaching a higher speed.

When using the form tap, it is suggested that the diameter of the thread of different grades is different from the traditional tap.

Due to the more important “lubrication” cooling of the faucet, the truo-flo faucet should be used with conventional lubricated cutting oil or EP (extreme pressure). Do not recommend soluble oil or similar coolant.


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