Trapezoidal thread tap

Trapezoidal thread tap

Application of trapezoidal thread

The trapezoidal thread is designed on the machine, allowing rotation and lateral movement. It can also be used for jacks, valves, presses, and other mechanical devices to meet heavy objects in these mechanical devices. The characteristics of Acme faucet is including 29 ° Angle. Acme faucets usually require specialized engineering and design because of the nature and severity of the cut required to produce Acme threads.

Tandam AHCME tap


These taps combine the initial rough cut with the last cut, to reach the top thread. These taps save and raise production levels by saving two tools. As the relative diameter of trapezoidal thread is generally coarse, these taps are subjected to heavy chip loads. In order to achieve high quality acme threads, it is recommended to use cost-effective methods, coarsening, and complete operations

Expansion tap

Extension of the tap (incl. Nuts and pulley faucets)

In the traditional tap size, except that they have an extended handle to reach the inaccessible hole, other taps can be used. Thread length, shank diameter and handle square are in accordance with table 302 standard specifications. The stretch of the tap on the hand and the spiral point style, and the small handle style.

Pulley tap

Pulley tap

The wheel part of the pulley part is equipped with oil cup and fixed screw hole, most of which cannot be contacted by hand faucet. The basic thread size of the pulley is the same as that of the manual tap, but the tap of the pulley is different, and their hilt is longer and the basic diameter of the thread part is the same. When tapping the hub hole of the pulley, the hole in the rim of the wheel is slightly larger than the handle of the tap.

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