Simple design concepts, tools and dressing techniques, rapid automation and amazing user friendliness are the advantages of this unique machine. The working shaft installed on the rotary table simplifies the handling and operation of the tools. The dresser is mounted on the turntable, but is completely contrary to the work spindle.

The machine adopts continuous grinding grinding work piece, which can install wearable and non-wearable worm gear. In addition, according to production requirements, the work piece can also be ground by section grinding method (single standard method). Similarly, wearable and unredressed grinding wheels can be installed, which can be implemented to grind the artifacts individually or in any preferred combination. Different dressing solutions, with dressing roller, grinding wheel and worm wheel. Complete integration of centering and measurement units.

Production and profile grinding process

Wearable and unusable worm gear

Optimize operating costs

Cut the work piece into special or any preferred combination

Comprehensive centering and measurement

The dressing of profile and worm grinding wheel

The dynamic linear motor and the change spindles can reposition the grinding wheel at the same time.

The rigid design of the machine improves the production time. In addition, the efficiency of the gear increases the grinding process to the limit. The goal of this machine is to increase stiffness and stability, while GH160 is to use its dynamic stiffness compared to the competitive machine.

Direction: vertical

Diameter: 914 mm

Swing: 1118 mm

Stroke: 355 mm

Vertical grinding machines are designed to provide superior accuracy through thousands of applications. 42 CHNC vertical grinder USES the weight of the work piece to its advantage.

Axial travel: 838 mm

Wheel diameter: 1829 mm

Table diameter: 3048 mm

The first gear hobber was patented in Chemnitz in Germany in 1900. In Chemnitz designed and produced more than 100 years of gear hobbing machines. This tradition continues today in FHFG Werke Modul and Bourn & Koch’s innovative and reliable gear production line.