The RL cutting tool

The RL cutting tool provides our Unipass bit, designed for drilling and threading on a channel. This not only saves time, but also reduces the number of tool changes. The design of the spiral groove of the drill and tap allows drilling holes and is carried out at a relatively high speed. 118 ° auger has a point or a point in a larger size and self-centered. When large capacity tapping is required, the tool can be used in machining centers or multi-spindle heads and reverse agencies. It is important to remember that the drill must break the material before the tap begins.

Unipass drill “NH”

These combination tools can be used for low carbon steel, non-ferrous materials such as brass, aluminum and malleable iron.

The straight thread Unipass tool is in the UHNC and UHNF size # 4 1/2 and 5/8 and the small UHNC. They can also be measured from M3 to M12. Both the NPT and NHPTF lines can be produced using the Unipass taper pipe drill “NH” Tap tool, with dimensions from 1/16 “to 1”. All of our special tool coatings are available for optimal performance.

RL HP carbide coolant Thru drill: designed for drilling

Looking for a drill that increases productivity and creates precise holes? The RL cutting tool provides you with the perfect product. The high-performance royal HP carbide bit has a durable tool life, and its drilling rate is extremely high.

The advanced drilling equipment includes drilling success essential features: balance of spindle, able to withstand high pressure cooling system, and through the drill bit to design collets, coolant can ensure good performance.

Royal HP carbide drill:

Used for processing steel and non-ferrous materials

Solid particles carbide grated

Heat resistance of AlTin coating

Provide excellent cuttings and coolant

It runs faster and lives longer than other hard metal bits

Meet all requirements:

The drill depth is 3X,5X,8X


Can be used for M20 metric size

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