Tap, drill sleeve

Tap, drill sleeve and accessories

The faucet and drills on the most popular machine screws and some faucet can be used in bright tin-plated hand and screw point faucet, including an appropriate sized rig. In addition, a bright faucet and bit metric are provided.

The most popular size to 2/2-inch tap wrench and mold stock is easy to buy.

High quality tap and drill pressure to accommodate most maintenance, repair or production needs

T handle wrench is designed for manual tapping and can also be used for tools such as drill bit and screw extractor

The straight wrench is designed to provide greater leverage for larger diameters

Mould stock will be kept in any round adjustable mould, but the design is used for mold opening adjustment

Product details

Various hand and spiral taps, including proper drills, are in NHC and NHF sizes. These HGSS tools are included in a metal index box for quick and appropriate size taps and drills.

Slide handle, pull wire and straight tap wrench to achieve 2 “help alignment and leverage.”

The death inventory of the circular die has reached 3 “external diameter makes it easy to repair the outer thread.”

Solid carbide wire factory

In the machining center, thread grinding process can produce thread inserted thread. The advantage of thread milling and tapping is the need of customers. Short-running work, especially in expensive parts, is critical to thread completion, which is beneficial for threading. Unprocessed materials such as inconel, hard steel or titanium and short running require a taper pipe thread can be the result of a thread.

A mill can be used in different diameters requiring the same pitch. This is a 20 screw thread machine that can be used to generate a one-and-20 nc, 7/16-20nc or -20 1/2 nc thread with different classes and various materials of the right or left hand threads. This provides a great deal of flexibility when a small number of parts are threads.

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