The inserted gages can be distinguished from the methods used to store their thread members in a handle. The threaded plug is connected by inserting the shaft into the handle. Slightly more expensive, you can twist the gages by loosening grip clips and inserting worn metering wires and inserting a handle. Unused portion – previously placed in the handle – then becomes the end of the work, giving reversible gages prolonging life.

The RL cutting tool introduces our new high performance end milling cutter

We proudly introduced the new super tuf-v and cobalt V3 high-performance end mills. These factories are made of proprietary microcrystalline powder, allowing RL to exceed our competition in processing titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloys and even aluminum. Super-tuf-v has even been shown to improve tool life and ensure high inventory removal efficiency.

Extensive development and field tests indicate that these products have great prospects. Customers in the aerospace and automotive industries have found that super tuf-v and cobalt VH3 meet the needs of their production and tools.

Choose the best tube faucet, material and machine condition can save time, money, eliminate headache.

The valves

Each tooth of the faucet is cut and it stops turning tapered pipe threads until the spin stops. The RL cutting tool designs a variety of styles to ensure that quality threads minimize the stop line.

Choose from low, medium and high hooks according to processing conditions and materials. Low rake is used for malleable iron and other nonferrous materials, and the hook is for cast steel and medium and low carbon steel and high hook stainless steel.

Other styles include special faucets such as:

Interrupted thread tap – every other thread is removed, using a number of flute to reduce friction and allow better lubrication.

Spiral tube tap – used for ball or fibrous material for ejection of chips.

Extension pipe tap

Unipass drill “N”

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