spiral groove

The outer diameter of the precise id card.

Thread factory


  • all types of steel and non-ferrous materials are designed with precision i.h. d. and O.H d. threads.
  • the same effective composite plastics, fiberglass and composite materials used in the aircraft industry.

Thread form generated in standard threads in the United States.

  • minimum spacing of internal threads.
  • solid carbide tool head brazing to solid carbide shank for maximum hardness. KC

4 & 6 flute

Slotting knife


Including 30 °, 60 °, 90 ° Angle

Dovetail cutters


  • integral hard alloy tool.
  • the angular radius enhances the strength and hardness of the tool.
  • engineering design, with strong fracture strength and special processing and universality.
  • manufacturing with our unique micro-100 proprietary processing technology. SHFA/SHFP/SHFL

An Ingle flute router for aluminum/plastic/composite materials

Right or left hand spiral, right cut


    Led Parking Lot Lights

    Quality-guaranteed factory direct LED lighting for commercial, industrial, and municipal lighting projects, including Buy American Compliant lighting products. This information is logged by Super Bright LEDs, and may be shared internally or with third party services commercial parking lot lights for purposes including, but not limited to, query logging, sales analysis, targeted remarketing, and user experience improvements. Poor parking lot lighting can cause customers to trip or slip and fall, leading to potential lawsuits against your business.

    Do not wait until it is too late, change out spoiled or dim lights as soon as you can. Some now argue that street lighting could be made ‘smart’ and programmed to turn on when led parking lot pole lights there is movement within their vicinity. LED Garage lights is used extensively for commercial purposes and is effective in terms of power consumption and budget requirements.

    Our led parking lot lights can be easily installed with 4 types of installation kits to the pole, wall or bracket. An overhead view of one of Chicago’s new high-efficiency LED street lamps. Corrosion resistant die-cast light alloy fixture support and pole connection. Unfortunately, recent legislation has called for the phase out of certain standard forms of MH commercial lighting fixtures due to their use of incendiary elements that fall under the classification of greenhouse gas sources.

    Long Life of Service LED bulbs system has an unlikely life expectation while contrasted with the conventional lighting system. With an average of 60,000 hours to its life, it’s roughly more than 130 times the typical life span of incandescent bulbs. Whether pole or wall mounted, our LED flood lights will provide years of trouble free lighting.

    Please note that the power companies are not aware of electric or wall mounted parking lot lights outages until they are reported. It is also safe for you and other people around the lighting area. First LED lighting has far surpassed conventional lighting in electrical savings and light output.

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