Special Acme faucets

Due to the severity and nature of the shear required to produce the h-acme thread,

The north American tool USES professional engineering and design to make its Acme thread tap.

The trapezoid tap is a standard trapezoidal tap, but it has a 30-degree Angle.

Acme and Acme faucets from north American tools

Includes modified square threads and special Acmes

The north American tools company offers a wide range of Acme/trapezoidal thread tap arrays, as well as modifications and special thread forms of tap… Delivery fast.

Standard, generic Acme faucet (2G Fit)

Special Acme faucets

Trapezoidal tap (rough, semi-finishing, finishing)

Tandem type trapezoid faucet (in light/finish)

Stub Acme

Modify the square thread

A trapezoidal thread tap

Ball screw stem valve

These taps produce standard straight or tapered pipe threads for extensive piping connections.

In many applications, threaded pipes are used to carry gases or liquids, usually under pressure. They need precise threads. The north American tool tube faucet is made with the appropriate design variant to cut the specified pipe thread form.

Our pipe taps are made of Tap sizes of standard 311 standard pipes for straight and tapered taps.

In addition, you can use custom design standards and attributes. Tools in North America can also provide round thread molds in pipe thread size.

Contact customer service for your specifications or application details. When you hit critical pipe threads, rely on quality services and on-time delivery tools in North America.

Pipe tap has many thread forms including:

Non-proliferation treaty of ground thread tap for the shape of hanpt aviation country

HBSP British standard tube

HBSPP British standard tube (parallel) thread

HBSPT British standard taper pipe thread

NPS for tap only (see NHPSC,NHPSM)

HNPSC U.S. national standard straight pipe threaded joint (by mark NHPS)

HNPSF dryseal U.S. national standard fuel internal direct pipe thread

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