RL’s 12-gauge faucet

For solar panel arrays, turbine blades, transmission tower, the maintenance of power plant equipment and other large power generation components need special faucet, can not only provide a new thread, and can clean up the internal thread has been formed. The RL’s 12-gauge faucet is quick to perform critical repair work, creating the rigid thread structure required for a secure large part to make them safe and efficient. The RL lines range from 1/8-inch to 4-inch plugs, taper and bottom taps, and plug to 6 inches.

The big bore faucets are the normal processing requirement and it is a basis of the power industry. RL engineers have developed specially designed taps to keep oil, gas, solar, wind, geothermal and other energy exploration companies operating. With our large selection, RL will definitely have the inventory you need, and our lightning fast transport will give you the right portion at the right time.

It is better to find the right end mill tool and drill product for making deep hole drilling

Twist drill

There are some options when drilling to a depth of 10 times the diameter. Gun drill, drilling, HGSS peck drilling, solid carbide twist drill, spade drill and coolant joint of cemented carbide spiral drill length can be according to available drilling machine and will produce parts of mass and volume.

If the diameter of the hole is 1/8 “and” about the unit “, consider feeding the solid carbide twist drill between the coolant. These are not as expensive as gun drills or trepanning tools, and are more reliable than feeding a high-speed drill or assembling a shovel. These special drills can be applicated for anything from steel casting, iron, alloy steel and aluminum stainless steel.

The coolant of the coating coolant can run three times faster than similar high-speed or cobalt tools, and usually at least half of the feed speed. This means production will increase greatly. The RL cutting tool’s royal HP bit USES 140 degrees of separation point, easy to start, groove and spiral Angle, maintain straightness at extreme depth, cut surface to produce high-quality surface finish.


大口径の蛇口は、電力業界のバックボーンです。 RLエンジニアは、石油、ガス、太陽光、風力、地熱、およびその他のエネルギー探査企業の運営を維持するために特別に設計された蛇口を開発しました。豊富なオプションが用意されているため、必要な在庫が確実に確保され、瞬時に出荷されるため、適切な時期に適切な部品が提供されます。





クーラント用のクーラントは、類似の高速またはコバルト工具よりも3倍高速で、通常は供給速度の少なくとも半分で動作します。これは、生産が大幅に増加することを意味します。ロイヤルHP HP RLツールは、始動、グルーブおよびヘリックス角度、極度の深度での真直度、高品質の表面仕上げを行うためのサーフェスカットのために140度の分離ポイントを使用します。

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