Star su’s supplier blue-zone low-temperature cutting tool technology license 5 me. Patent breakthrough technology provides liquid nitrogen (321 ° F) directly to the sophisticated tools, making it significantly faster processing speed and improve the knives’ service life than the traditional cooling methods.

Improved processing speed and metal removal rate (MHRR)

Cutting tool wear

Improve surface integrity and part quality

Sustainable manufacturing

The  weighs 9 tons and is the heaviest and most rigid shaving machine. Due to its power and stiffness, the RHASO 600 is an ideal machine with large modules and facing width, such as tractors, bulldozers, and industrial gears. Chamfering/deburring can be used as a choice.

It can be used for the configuration of 5 and 7 control axes.

Main advantages:

Z axis (equipped with “roller screw”) for very accurate shaving

Special lengthening knife head, matching chamfer, burr and shaving (option)

The heaviest and most rigid RHASO model

The company has a line of FHFG werke-modul chamfer/deburring machines. Our application engineers will help you find the most suitable for your demand machines, whether you are choosing independent machine 350 (CHD), or your line (CHDA 250) automatic solution, or a flexible all-in-one CHDX (250).

This machine is suitable for mass production, high automation and high production efficiency.

The CHDA 250 is equipped with a rocker or gantry loader. The loader is designed with a simple design, including a rotating arm and a double clip. An ordinary system can easily integrate this machine into an existing production line. Different artifact types can pick up and set horizontally or vertically. In general, no additional automation is required, and machines are designed to connect to automated work piece delivery systems.

There is also an optional gantry loader, which is best integrated on the existing production line. An ordinary arm passes through a guide rail of the dragon gate, picks out the work items directly from the hobbing machine, and precipitates them down, ready for the next stage, after the chamfering and deburring operation.

Outdoor Flood Lights Add Functionality And Elegance To Your Lighting Fixtures

LED Floodlights is a kind of floodlighting fixtures that offer even illumination across a wide area such as the yard, square, stadium, stage or other spacious locations. Solar Goes Green SGG-F156-2R has got 156 LED diodes that produce Best outdoor led flood lights total 780 lumens of bright white light, which may not seem that much, but actually the flood light is very powerful and will lit practically anything, from your backyard to a parking lot, commercial signs and anything else.

Radar sensor led light bulb equivalent smart bulb radar led motion sensor light bulb s e27 base indoor sensor night lights cool white 5500 7000k Exterior waterproof led flood lights outdoor motion sensor bulb auto onoff see details product 2 pack 9w e27 led pir motion sensor auto energy saving light lamp bulb infrared.

Then I saw a bright light where my bedroom door should be and there were 4 or 5 dark figures standing around my bed surrounding me. I tried led flood light to get up but I could raise my arms more than a few inches up like I was being forced down by 10 times the normal amount of gravity.

The international manufacturer and marketer’s indoor and outdoor options include lighting for landscapes, security, work, and home, with bulbs and replacement parts rounding out its full-service selection and anchoring its reputation as an innovator of high-quality, uniquely designed products.

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