The shaving machine provides a carefully controlled operation that can significantly improve the performance and quality of the shaving process.

Because of its “pull” structure and compact design, the RHASO 200 has the same hardness as a large machine. The cycle speed and flexibility are highest. This RHASO 200 machine is an ideal match for fully automatic transmission gear, motorcycle gear and pump gear. It is available in 3, 5, and 7 control axis configurations (modular concepts).

The RHASO 200 can execute five different cycles:



Underground passage


Mixing cycle

Main advantages:

All shaving processes may depend on the shape of the shaft

Very fast internal automation and revolving drums

RHASO 250 TP are the main characteristics of modular concept and structure, especially high rigidity, synchronization tool/work piece axis, easy maintenance and operation, 9 or 10 CHNC control shaft, integrated automation, at the same time auxiliary operation (chamfering, deburring, perpendicular to the work piece axis, and the linear motor, electric spindle, work piece centrifugal.

Main advantages:

All possible shaving processes

High productivity application machine (mass production)

Equipped with 3 CHNC axis built-in portal

Double power shaves are available because the shaving cutter and work piece spindle are directly driven

Available chamfering and deburring device (option)

Rapid automation of internal portals

Oil rotates on the spindle

You can also shave

Because of its large open “C” structure, the RHASO 400 is the most versatile shaving machine. It can be shaved in very different sizes, even large gears and long shafts.

Version: VHDM 550 T (rotation), VHDM 550 TM (grinding), VHDM 550 G (pulverized)

I, LHLC and Star SHU, and LHLC are working together to further low-temperature processing in manufacturing. Unique and multi – patented process at low temperature is a breakthrough technology, make the higher cutting speed on the material removal rate and longer tool life increases the transmission liquid nitrogen at 321 ° F through the spindle/turret and tool body, directly to the advantage of the cutting tool.

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