PX Premier line – 2 flute UHS220

The spiral will depend on the type of aluminum being cut. And cutting edge Angle must be greater than 6 °. This is why we offer three styles of aluminum cutting milling cutter in our PX Premier line – 2 flute UHS220,3 flute UHS360 and 6 flute UHS376.

Two flute variables – UHS220

2 flutes US220 Angle decreases, this may be due to its high 50 ° spiral, create a more stable frontier. Combining it with the super large gash, you will find that this end mill has a very good wafer evacuation for large capacity chip loads while providing a very stable cutting process. This uncoated tool is protected by a corner slot to meet the standard.

Flute variant – UHS376

This tool is for aluminum 6 flutes, sharp edge, variable screw (43.5 ° / 46.5 °), high dip Angle (21 °) and inequality index. This series of UHS376 is a precision polishing tool with high precision. Due to its stable and smooth cutting technology, it will obtain excellent surface effect in aluminum and other nonferrous materials. ZrN can be used to help avoid increasing the cutting edge, but it can also be uncoated

PX premium

We are committed to excellence in PX tools, and we also know our customers. This is why we have developed the high performance, high quality and carbide cutting tools PX series products. Our PX tools are made of high quality carbide and special geometric shapes. The high cobalt content of the substrate is eccentrically embossed, with a strong cutting edge and a smoother, cooler running end milling cutter.

The PX series has a variety of unique mold styles, from a variety of spirals and our patented blend to a unique 40 helix. Various coatings and geometric figures are stored, covering almost all applications. Peruse the PX line, see our products on the high quality carbide end milling cutter.