Pitch diameter

Pitch diameter

In a straight line, the diameter of the imaginary coaxial cylinder… The surface of its surface will pass through the contour of these points, making the width of the slot equal to half of the basic pitch. On a perfect thread, the width of the thread is equal to the width of the slot. In the cone thread, the diameter of the cone is the diameter of the cone at a given position on the thread axis.


The angular relation of a tooth to the radial line, through the tip of the tip. The positive inclination means that the cutting surface of the wave crest is very high in front of the tooth. Negative rake

This means that the top of the cut surface is at the back of the balanced surface of the tooth. The zero rake refers to the cutting surface directly on the radial line.

Relief (or thread rescue)

Remove the metal from the back of the cutting edge to provide clearance and reduce the friction between threads and threads.

The root

The bottom surface connects two adjacent threads with the same or immediate proximity to the cylinder or cone with the threaded item.

Spiral groove

A flute with a uniform axial direction on a spiral path of a tap.

Spiral point

Cutting edge grooves on the cut surface; Formed from the Angle of the spindle of the other hand, which is opposite to rotation. Its length is usually larger than the length of the cut Angle, and it is usually large enough to guide the chip before the tap of the tap.

Straight flute

A flute that forms a cutting edge in the axial plane.


The tolerance is (a) allowable total size change in the production of a type of faucet. (b) differences in size limits.

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