The functional package of the mgh450-125 combines high productivity and versatility to deal with a wide range of rapid conversion efforts. For medium – and short-run jobs, the simple result is more parts per shift. And it is faithful to the researchers’ precise gear shaping tradition, which provides undefeated precision of cutting.

Versatility, conversion speed

The mgh50-125 breaks the rule that more generality means longer conversion and setting time. Its six (optional) direct servo drive axis eliminates the traditional manual transformation task.

In many families, you only need to install installation parameters and part procedures, replace the cutter and start cutting. The capacity of the gh450-125 capacity is up to 127 millimeters (5 inches) wide and the diameter of the asphalt is 500 millimeters (20 inches). Live vertical travel 300mm(11.8 inches) allows you to plan your strokes to fit your past needs for special equipment and fixtures.

Add value to building concepts

A modular design allows you to move gh450-125, place it, provide motivation, and start work. No need to assemble. Transportation, installation and maintenance are simple and fast. An innovative open flow/downwash chip removal concept minimizes housekeeping. The chip directly exits the working area below the cutting area and enters the rear (optional front-end) platoon conveyor system.

Total support team

Profitable gear shaping requires machine tools and process support. The researchers’ expertise is based on more than 100 years of experience serving the global gear industry. Our factory trained service technicians can solve your most difficult dilemmas with engineering and manufacturing support, regardless of their causes.

Unlimited, 20 to 1,000 times per minute

Adopt standard or multi-channel method to cut straight gear and helical gear

Include hydrostatic excitation guide rail as the standard

6 axis CHNC

Optional CHNC guide

Fanuc 31iB CHNC control system

State and Koch companion hs650-170 Hydrostroke ™ is a six axis CHNC hydraulic variable back quickly petting gear shaper, direct drive spindle, electronic index, improve the cutting wheel spindle housing and Fanuc 30 ib CHNC touch screen control model of internal and external gear.


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