Met-Flo forms a tap

The faucets of this style are the first blind holes to be chosen on fibrous material.

Provides a greater lift, especially when using the deep blind hole of the ductile material

The built-in high hooks provide excellent shearing action

Production to table 3202 standard

The Product details

The high spiral tap is built into the high hook Angle, which guarantees the good shear action of the soft ductile material. These tools are designed to be used in the bottom of blind holes in soft materials, free to cut, and allow enough coolant to reach the cutting surface.

Met-Flo forms a tap

When the chip removal is a problem, the frequently used ink-flo can provide a solution. No chips are cut, but metals are pushed or formed. A bit of different size is needed.

Designed for malleable cast aluminum, brass, etc

Eliminate chip processing problems

Ideal blind hole

It lasts five times longer than conventional faucet

In most applications, the speed may increase by 200%

Production to table 3202 standard

The most advanced design, manufactured in the CHNC equipment

The Product details

Internal threads can be generated by using a non – flow tap, which is actually a push or flow of metal to generate thread form. These taps are used for nonferrous metals and soft steel. They didn’t cut the threads, so no chips were pushed, and the chip removal problem was eliminated.

This style is especially suitable for blind holes. A different size hole is required when using the forming tap and diagram.

Large diameter valve

These taps are more than an inch in diameter and can be used to clean rough or rusty threads. In certain industries, the different diameters of asphalt are usually very common. From inventory, you can get the general application diameter of 6 inches.

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