When the length of the input cone is specified from the number of threads, the length is measured with pitch (p).

Bottom length = 1-1/2 to 2/2

Insert length = 3 to 5 pitches

The chamfer on the truo-flo faucet is about 2 threads long and requires a hole depth of 3 to 4 balls, exceeding all required threads. When a control is the largest chamfer is shorter than two threads

Additional charges are required. We can’t guarantee the performance of the faucets with short chamfering.

The diameter of the inlet is smaller than the diameter of the hole drilled from the top of the head. Please refer to the tap/drill size formula and formula below to determine the maximum and minimum drilling dimensions for the appropriate percentage of threads.

Tapping speed: THRU-FHLO tap is the most effective at the speed of the spindle, which is about 1-1/2 to 2 times faster than the traditional cutting taps, especially in the soft materials and/or with good pitch

Thru-fhlo faucet. Adequate lubrication is essential to extend the life and quality of the thread when reaching a higher speed.

Lubrication: the tap of the THRUFLO should be compared to the traditional lubricating oil or EP (extreme pressure) oil because it is more important to “lubricate” the cold shaped tap than the “cool” tap. Soluble oil and similar coolant are not recommended

Exopro-ccsu is the latest high-end tap series of OHSG, made of vanadium high speed steel. It USES advanced chip control (CC) to achieve stable chip evacuation. The series has the most advanced geometric shapes, which can achieve good consistency, reliability and long knife life even with water-soluble coolant.

It is a universal tap series designed to simplify tool management and stand out in a variety of materials and applications.

The external tap is made of metal powder metal high speed steel and has the patent V coating of OHSG. It has excellent wear resistance.

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