In particle metals

Although a level does not apply to all applications, a range of materials are added to our material specific high-performance faucets.

In particle metals, high levels of vanadium or cobalt are now identified as HGSSE. We use these generic names, even though our content is closer to that of a steel manufacturer.

Hardness, wear resistance and heat absorption are all factors that determine whether we choose steel to cut thread or drill a variety of materials.

Our proprietary PMX fine granule steel has developed the most stringent cutting and threading applications.

RL SuperTuf products

Super-tuf and super-tuf end mills can withstand heat and keep sharp debris edges more effectively than other high speed steel. The most difficult processing applications are solved by the special faucet and variable spiral end milling cutter.

Solid carbide cutting tools

Carbide bit

Application and product of carbide cutting tools

Carbide cutting tools made of ultrafine carbide will produce high quality threads in cast iron, sintered materials, aluminum and some steel. The unique characteristics of new ultrafine granule material will support the cutting action of high speed hard alloy light carbon steel, which has a strong resistance to abrasion. The coating is to improve the quality of thread, improve the quality of the thread, and improve the heat resistance of the long knife.

RL carbide tool products

Final factory: the main use of hard alloy is the material of complex parts made of hard metal. Successful completion, long life expectancy.

Tap: a cutting tool made of hard alloy is very cost-effective when abrasive.

Bit: hard alloy twist drill, especially with a cooling hole, used for high production drilling.

Tool design

Our CAD system was affectionately known as “THESS” tool engineering specification system, was designed by our internal staff, in order to effectively develop cutting features and tolerance, to provide our customers every application precision tools. Understanding the working conditions enables us to design a product that is executed at full work requirements. That’s why it’s easy for our engineers to talk to potential customers.

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