Teeth surface bites.

Hook Angle

The inclination of a concave surface, usually designated as a string hook or a tangential hook.

String Angle: the Angle between the root of the cut surface and the crest of the wave, and the radial line through the tip.

Tangential hook Angle: the Angle of the radial line that cuts to the same point on the cutting edge.

Interrupted tap

The thread on the thread has an odd number of corners of the tap. In some cases, the replacement teeth will only be partially removed.


The part of the tap after the flute is cut, and the last line on it. The threaded portion of the tap.


The axial distance of a tap will move along its axis in a complete direction. At first, lead and asphalt were identical; In doubles, the lead is twice the size of the field.

Large diameter

Commonly known as “outside diameter”. “It’s the largest diameter of a thread.”

Small diameter

Commonly known as “root diameter”. “This is the minimum diameter of the line.”

The thread

Pitch is equal to 1 over the number of lines per inch.

The pneumatic saw and clamping system of the cis-type tool

A pneumatic saw and clamp system has been introduced into the chemical industry, eliminating the torch cutting, so that the user can quickly cut off the thick steel plate without producing the thermal impact zone (HAZ).

The company’s hgq-438 air power saw and quick clip USES a 2-inch steel rail, and there are two kinds of wedge-shaped splints that connect the steel plates to 15 feet wide, 3.5 inches wide and accept saws. The 3-horsepower aerodynamic saw provides a 4-3 inch cutting depth, with a cutting line indicator and a standard to simplify alignment, and the rail diameter is 5 feet to 15 feet.