high speed steel

Our bar steel has a wide range of grades and diameters, made of high quality high speed steel, or designated materials, with the best installation at hand. We are committed to quality, fast transport and customer service, making North America tool the fastest growing special faucet, death and gages manufacturer.

We experienced tool designers will provide any design you may need help, or you can directly from your blueprint specification work, to create special faucet precisely meet your requirements.

Most of the blueprint special taps can be hardened from standard design.

However, there are many tools that have special features that require them to be customized by bar steel, for example:

Special total length, whether in the calf, thread length, or pilotage

Special handle and drive size: Morse cone, thread, whistle

Special flute design – straight or spiral

Hole – hole, reaming, ground, cross, cooling hole, hole

Flat shoes – dents, keyways, necks

Taper thread, including pipe tap;

Series style

Combines tools to eliminate secondary or complete operations

Reamer point/drill point/core drill

Special form & Angle – Acme, buttress, square thread, complete form, modified whitworth table, custom thread form

Special steel, combined with the possibility of various surface treatments, depends on the application of the hand

Coolant – Fed the faucet

Allows optimal chip evacuation and improved cooling zones.

Ideal tapping method is suitable for various challenging hard materials.

The coolant faucet is an ideal choice to improve productivity… Allows you to use longer tools, each with more holes.

Faucet cuts are cleaner and more accurate.

Using various surface treatment methods can further prolong the service life of tap water. Consult customer service and seek medical advice.

The cooling faucets of north American tools are manufactured in the most suitable way for tapping, whether through punching holes or tapping holes.

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