High performance drilling

AlTiN coating has wear-resisting and heat resistance

140 degrees of separation, easy to start

It’s easy to drill five deep

Product details

High performance drilling using high pressure coolant, with a point bit of 140 degrees of AlTin coating, will accelerate the production of mOHDerate feed at a high speed. In difficult drilling conditions, the evacuation and heat dissipation of the chip extend the drilling life.

The cobalt drill bit

The RL cobalt drill is made of high quality cobalt steel and has excellent hardness and is very wearable. The RL high quality cobalt drill reduces the cost of each drill for your tool life than the normal cobalt drill. These cobalt drills are designed for drilling and grinding materials, high temperature alloys, stainless steel and high-strength steel for heat treatment. The minimum cost per drill of RL cobalt drill.

After more than 100 years of drilling experience, RL has perfected the design, providing you with the best best penetration and flute geometry, ensuring continuous chip ejection. Our strict quality control and heat treatment methods ensure the performance of our high-quality cobalt bit.

Small parabolic royal gold tips 130 ° to split the length of the cobalt drill

Extend the length of the cobalt drill

J-type cobalt 6 “extension of aircraft exercises

J-type cobalt 12 “extended aircraft drill”

Drill bush

All kinds of suits meet the needs of American artisans. A combination of high speed steel, titanium nitride and cobalt diamonds in various sizes, including a solid metal size container.

Design with a craftsman

It consists of the most popular size training

Made with the best high-speed and cobalt steel

The compact, robust index allows the bit to be simple and accurate

Product details

In a compact metal box, a single fraction, wire gauge size and the size of the letters device can be installed in the toolbox, well this is a kind of effective method, can quickly for the next repair work choosing the right drill rig. Our score, wire, and letter – size triple index means that you will be able to specify a suitable size hole for your project.

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