HGSS cutting

These tools, as well as other high-speed cutting tools, are the main force of American industry, providing excellent sharp cutting edges that can withstand vibrations and many of the limitations of machine tools.

The next generation of HGSS cutting tools USES particle metallurgy and improved design to improve productivity, and there are many layers of coatings available, and excellent performance is predictable.

RL sulphide products

The RL series of high-speed cutting tools include HGSS bits, taps, end mills and special tools to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our abundant raw material inventory ensures that we can produce the required tools to meet the demand.

Cobalt steel cutting tools

What makes cobalt different from HGSS?

RL cobalt tools

Cobalt steel is a variant of high speed steel with high cobalt content. The general level is m-35 and m-42, respectively 5% and 8% respectively.

These steel are ideal cutting tools because they have high red hardness and make it more heat-resistant. This allows the use of cobalt – made tools to run faster and higher.

A little bit of cobalt history

Molybdenum steel has made a series of improvements over the years. MH7 (mainly used for HGSS drill), MH35 and MH42 (high in cobalt content), provide excellent red hardness and withstand high temperature and wear in the production environment. MH42 has become a feature material for the processing of space-age materials in portable operations.

RL cobalt products: hard to machine material

Cobalt cutting tools are widely used in aerospace industry and fluid power business. In general, tools made of these materials are difficult to identify with machine materials.

Ultra large metal cutting tools

SuperTuf particle metal tool

Real progress in particle metals

Our research and development institutions took several years to refine ordinary metal particles, to produce the best combination of hardness and strength, in order to withstand the pressure produced during the process of cutting and milling. The result? SUPTERTUF!