HG 600/800

HG 600r is the most demanding cutting task based on very stable and rigid machine series HG 600/800, in dry or wet execution. This machine adopts one or more cutting technology, cutting technology, the use of one or more use of one or more cutting technology, using all roll tooth (axial and radial/axial, tangential, diagonal), using different tools available on the market solutions.

The h600 R is characterized by an extra high torque roll-blade spindle with an enlarged rotation Angle range to cut larger modules and deep – tooth artifacts. Extended counter columns allow long and slender shapes like rotors or shafts. Given this type of cutting force, special attention is given to the stiffness of the moving parts. In fact, a strong and stable rollers, guarantees the aseismic of the greater trochanter of hob, and powerful, fast torque drive, ensure the high torque of single index milling, or in the high speed cutting of minor artifacts of high quality performance.

Dry cutting

The chip is clean

Siemens Sinumerik 840 D control

Quick and simple guide to operation

The latest conversation software

Flexible dentin function

Star SHU has a line of FFG Modul chamfer/deburring machines. Our application engineers will help you find the most suitable for your demand machines, no matter you choose independent machine (CD 250), your line automatic solutions (CHDA 250), or a flexible all-in-one CHDX (250).

Star SHU provides chamfering and deburring, based on the h series of medium gear hobbing machines for high performance wet or dry hobbing machines.

Time-saving SCT technology

Hob, chamfer/deburr, drill, centering, turning, milling

Small batch or batch production

Direct and spiral gear

Coronation & conical gear

Worm gearing

Sprocket and gear disc

Cluster gears and special configuration files

Optional high torque workbench

Longer work pieces and shafts

Use any hob or form milling technology

Standard ring or portal loader

Complete Time-Parallel processing

Small batch or batch production


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