Hard alloy pipe faucet

Selection of coatings can be applied to improve performance.

7/16 “to 1/2” straight threads and pipe sizes up to 1/2 “are easy to get.”

Special pitch and form can also be provided.

Hard alloy pipe faucet

Hard alloy strip is welded into high speed steel structure, with strong torsional strength and the wearability of hard alloy on cutting edge.

It can reduce the cutting performance of carbide and the shock absorption of high speed bOHDy by using carbon steel tap to tap non-ferrous high abrasive. In the body of HSS taps and precision grinding tools, fine-grained carbide brazing ensures excellent thread quality and extremely long tool life. Selection of coatings can be applied to improve performance.

The valves

Pipe threads are used to connect devices to regulate the flow of liquids or gases, such as fuel, oil, water, or compressed air. Some internal pipe threads are straight; However, most of these components have conical threads that have inherent design features and are therefore more difficult to deal with than linear ones. When tapping the tapered pipe thread, every screwdriver that comes into contact with the job will be cut until the rotation stops. Because the line is used in a variety of material, and is usually used in great quantities, so RL designed for a variety of materials of many different styles, to ensure the quality of the quality of the parts, and optimize the production and the cost of the product. RL provides low, medium and high hook pipe taps, as well as the interrupt thread tool, which can reduce the packaging of the chip when the tap is fully in use. The extension shank taper pipe can be used immediately. Our 24-hour special plans include special pipe taps, special projections, or right or left hand conical or straight threads.

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