Frame tool

Industrial death. Can work in 60 RC materials, these excellent 2-slot milling cutter is made from the highest quality solid microcrystalline carbide. All of our cleaning tools are made in CNC grinder. These highly accurate machines allow the most accurate and correct cutting diameters and geometric shapes. If you’re looking for accuracy and consistency, stop looking at it. Use of these carbide clearance tools with… “Attitude”.

Frame tool

The conical rib cutter is designed for the direct milling of plastic injection mould for deep cavity. The purpose of these tools is to replace EDM combustion and manual operation with high speed milling. These tools have four shallow flutes and a flute Angle, which can be used to make very deep cavity and ribs!

The most high quality submicron carbide is used in nc machine tool. The concentricity of the cutting edge is inside the hilt. Provide the same chip load for each tooth and provide excellent tools and surface finish.

All popular engraving machines have knives and diamond carvings.

Adopt advanced numerical control grinding machining

The machine.

High precision measurement and inspection before any tool leaves our factory.

High quality microgranular carbide with strength and abrasion resistance.

Our hard – alloy calves do not rust, bend, or bend.

Shank fixed screw will not damage hard alloy handle.

The crown cutter can be worn in a quarter round “clip” engraving

These gaps are used to point and tip users

In most applications, the solid microgranular silicon carbide engraving cutter is an alternative to the half – circle tool. This style of cutter works well in all kinds of materials, such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, tin, plastic, acrylic and polycarbonate. Burr free cutting, less vibration, and single-pass carvings make it a popular tool.

Solid carbide clamps – grinding to a point

Specifies the size and texture of the tips to be carved

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