Frame mode

Frame mode

The frame mould is designed to eliminate the machine adjustment that is often needed in the mould. Simple mold installation and installation ensure the perfect work piece, reduces the setting time, eliminates the problem part. OHSG can build rack molds and provide full localized full-service regrinding functions on all racks. It can be treated with nitrogen or our own XHBT surface.

Mould finishing

OHSG provides a mold renovation service at our plant in parma, Ohio. Using this program can lead to cost savings in purchasing new tools. Flat die, cylinder mould and rack mould can be adjusted.

The flat die, either the minimum material is removed in the thickness of the die, or the specification is reground to the die. The cylinder mould is reground at the desired pitch of the next suitable diameter. The rack dies by removing the existing form and then regrinding a new profle to rearrange it. After grinding, the pad is fixed on the rack to bring it into the new frame size.

After receiving the mould, OHSG is thoroughly inspected to ensure that the mould is suitable for heavy grinding.

Shrik is suitable for holders

Contractive fit holders use heat to extend a special sized metal inner diameter that allows insertion of tools. When the metal cools, the hole collapses on the tool, providing the largest holDHINg strength and stiffness. In addition to the cliff-hanger force, the contractive fit provides the ultimate concentricity and balance. OHSG has a wide range of modular and one-piece sets for any industry, including moulds and molds, aerospace, automotive, heavy industry and medical care.

Cutting tools for engine blocks

Processing GHGL grey iron, HGGV vermicular graphite or CGI? OHSG has a variety of tool solutions to solve these materials. It is our innovation powder metal faucet, our patented v coating or our hard alloy bit and WD1 nano-coating technology, OHSG has the innovative technology you need.