Faucet, mill and thread Gages

Product icon key

The product icon is displayed in our standard catalog and all the product pages of our website. In three main portfolio of products, the first icon describes the material of products, the second icon describes the key features of the third icon shows any surface treatment or coating applied to a specific set of tools.

Faucet, mill and thread Gages

The logo of the faucet includes the grade or type of high speed steel, the faucet is by. In the case of the carbide tap, it represents the particle carbide.

Some ICONS can specify the size table of the American cutting tools institute.

To choose a way to increase tool life, we have listed the ICONS that can be used for the common coatings and treatments that can be applied to the faucet.


The training icon follows the same pattern. The drilling material is the first set of ICONS. The second group notices the point structure of the bit. The third noted the coating and treatment associated with our torsion drill.

The milling cutter

The first icon confirms the tool’s material. The second group provides multiple functions for selecting the correct geometric shapes. Can quickly identify slot number, end geometry and spiral Angle. The coating is identified by the icon, and the NHAS specification end mill is also pointed out.

Apply thread gauge

Screw thread gauge

Thread gages can quickly and accurately ensure that threaded holes, nuts, bolts and screws are strictly tolerable in most manufacturing operations. Their use usually provides the first indication of tools or installation problems, tool selection errors, flared openings, or burrs.

Go/don’t move the protein

The gauge of a particular part is calibrated, so the GO part “fits” the parts and holes that are correctly made, while the NOHGO part does not.

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