Mold and mould work are common in 3d machining. Fans and turbine blades are made from Inconel 7418 and other heat-resistant supper alloys (HRSA). Coarse application.

Phoenix PHSE is a versatile range of 90 ° milling cutter and facemills, suitable for a wide variety of rough and application incluDHINg face end milling, lateral milling, slotting, increase and spiral milling.

Characteristics of the

The side edge “edge” bottom hole inserts the style of the variety end milling cutter and face mill, the advantage of the inch and metric system

Superior surface treatment, high efficiency of side milling cutter, high helical milling and crushing machine for all materials

In side milling, it is necessary to improve or improve the efficiency of milling. In the execution of any workshop milling operation

Phoenix is not a series of 45 ° indexable facemills. In the wide range of materials, you can use double-sided square insertion, stabilization, and economical roughing and finishing.

Characteristics of the

Strong 2-sided square insertion, with 8 cutting edges (4 edges), a positive chip circuit breaker and negative tilt Angle, blade Angle geometry face milling cutter, inch and metric benefits

Long time insertion life, low cost per side strong cutting edge, reduce cutting force, have excellent surface finish. High precision surface finishing

A multi-purpose workplace environment. PHAS works in many materials and can be rough or done when the horsepower is limited

Phoenix China is a widely used series of buttons that provide a series of buttons for contour milling applications.

Characteristics of the

Insert the rotary incision large body safety insert clamping screw and wide chip pocket end milling cutter and face grinding style, the advantage of inches and metric system

By changing the cutting depth, you can select the number of cutting edges per insert (4 or 8 edges). Support for three – dimensional machining efficient chip evacuation