Extra tools


Designed to run at a faster speed and feed, resulting in shorter cycle times

Standard and AlTiN coating

AlTiN coating allows drying process to extend tool life

Ultra-micro carbide to extend tool life.

Extra tools

On the PX tool, we try our best to provide high quality carbide cutting tools to meet most of the requirements. As we know, there are some jobs need tools, and we are hard to find, this is why we will expand our inventory products to complete factory and workers in the past, including the high quality carbide cutting tools to meet these requirements.

Rounded corners milling cutter

With the complete form of remission, the grinding of the smallest changes in geometry provides a stronger cutting edge on the rounded milling cutter of our hard alloy Angle.

Series 1337: the two flute corners are rounded to the corners, from aluminum to high-temperature alloy parts.

Series 1339: this redesigned 4 flute Angle round wheel replaces the 1338 series. It is still a kind of short distance tolerance convex radius of low, high carbon steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloy. However, the new faceted contour grinding method has strict tolerance in the form of radius and the uniform radius of the tool, so it is easier to predict the programming.

Chamfering and discovery tools

Our chamfering tool, by combining the chamfering tool with the discovery bit, maximizes the performance of the product. The dual purpose of tools and standard of 118 ° drill point (not including series of 1330 & 1331), reduce the cost by performing two independent working tools. In addition, chamfering angels have a constant form that allows for more regrinding and longer tool life.

Series 1320, 130 ° chamfer positioning tool

Series 1330 2 flute discovered chamfering drilling 130 ° Angle


Combine the chamfer bit

Dual-purpose tools reduce costs through two separate tools

Chamfering has a constant-style relief that allows you to get more of the recombination, more powerful tools and longer tool life

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