Diamond cutter router

  • optimal rake and clearance Angle can produce the highest material removal rate and improved surface polishing
  • innovative “0” flute design to avoid chip melting and chip resoldering problems, effectively evacuate the chip.
  • open flute design, polishing, mirror-like flutes.
  • the left-hand spiral router is an ideal choice for the downward drive chip. When cutting forces on a multi-layer work piece, it needs to be cut and operated.
  • the size of a metric that can be obtained from a stock. RDA

Diamond cutter router

Slot pattern

  • the ideal wiring board is used in the aircraft industry by glass fiber, epoxy resin and composite materials.

Also effective for plastics and other non-metallic materials.


  • the grooved mode of diamond cutting provides smooth, quick cutting and leaving a clean edge. CS


Countersunk hole and chamfering tool


  • double – end, high – performance hard – alloy anti-sinking, chamfering tool can be used for anti – sinking, chamfering, inclined plane, deburring.
  • perform best in places where high feed rate and longer tool life are required.
  • ideal for aluminum, plastic, steel, stainless steel, titanium and various other materials. Fast and large is…

The most common grinder made!

It is fast and durable. Compact, easy to fit into your pocket, toolbox, or hunting bag

Quick and sharp is the most effective sharpening tool you will use. It will sharpen anything with a blade, from a knife to a lawnmower blade.

  • knife
  • scissors


  • carpet knife
  • blade
  • broad head arrows

The hook,

  • serrated knife
  • shaft
  • gardening tools
  • lawn mower blade

MHEF – 2

2 flute, extra fine carbide,

Hard milling cutter, micro-end milling cutter

Shem-02 NHICRO -03/ -04/100

3 & 4 30 °, spiral groove center cutting,

Stub milling cutter length


These universal end mills have a short length and are engineered for milling applications in a wide range of different materials, from soft to hard.


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