Cutting tools for turbine housing

Cutting tools for turbine housing

The nodular cast iron turbo hub needs a large tooling solution and produces accurate parts in an unstable processing environment. The life of the cutter is longer. OHSG has developed specific taps and drills for these applications.

Cutting tools for blowout preventer

The hard alloy steel used in parts such as blowout preventer is an OHSG major. In the materials such as 44140 and 44130 alloy steel, 1-8 hy-pro – VXL tap is used, and the tool such as 22.5 mm phoenix – PHP can be transferred to the drill.

Cast iron knives

Hard nodular cast iron, GGV vermicular graphite or CGI? OHSG has a variety of tool solutions to solve these materials. It is our innovation powder metal tap and patented v coating or our carbide bit and WD1 nano-coating technology. OHSG has the innovative technology you need.

Alloy steel tools

Hard alloy steel such as 4140 and 4130 are OHSG specialties.

The key to success is to reduce small talk, resist heat by friction, and maintain the cost performance of the tool itself. OHSG’s hy-pro CARB and hy-pro CARB VGX series of end mills have realized the key to these three successes.

In the depth and diameter ratio of 4XD, 6XD, 8XD and new 12XD, the holders of HJY3SYS provided support. The owners of these new designs have adopted improved flute designs, improved chip evacuations and updated coolant configurations, increased traffic, and guided additional coolants to the cutting zone. The XT Pro holders of HJY3SYS can be used in the diameter of the empire and metric system.

A tool for knee replacement

This kind of ti – 6 al4v materials had a lot of challenges in the process of machining, especially in the process of milling, because the heat of cutting force will soon return to cutting tools, rather than scattered on a chip. OHSG 4 and 5-flute variable pitch hyl-pro CHARB VGX end mill series are designed to reduce the higher cutting temperatures encountered in milling titanium, thus reducing vibration.