cutting tools

Our edge preparation combined with our advanced coating, the result is clear – the longer run precision cutting tools, each time you run the tool change is less, is equal to the significant cost benefits.

Superior tool design:

The PX end mill is made of high strength, submicron silicon carbide and high cobalt content, which can be used to produce a hard end milling cutter with a transverse fracture strength (THRS) up to 650,000 psi. Our final milling cutter is eccentric, giving them the most powerful cutting edge while running cooler and smoother to get better finished products. Most of our carbide end mills are standard, with a 40-degree spiral that makes them stand out from most other places. We provided TiCN,AlTiN,ZrN and nACRo hard coatings on our precision cutting tools, increasing tool life, while improving the flow and lubrication of chips. With the advanced PX end milling cutter design, you can expect to improve the product performance on the traditional carbide end milling cutter.

Important information about the PX tool

PX completes the milling cutter

Milling is the recommended milling technique.

The stiffness of the workpiece is a necessary condition for optimal cutting results.

Proper coolant placement and pressure are critical for lubrication by cutting and ensuring effective chip evacuation and longer tool life.

To achieve optimal performance, you should check the removal rate of the horsepower to the cubic inch.

PX rough milling cutter

The minimum radial width of the cutting should not be less than the angular radius of the end mill.

When slotting, the axial depth of the cutter should not exceed the diameter of the end milling cutter.

Feed and speed are recommendations that should be considered possible changes to achieve optimal results.

The stiffness of the workpiece must be checked to ensure no vibration.

Check the horsepower for the removal of the cubic inch material.