Cutting tools

Cutting tools, fasteners

If it is A286 stainless steel or titanium, fasteners need to be threaded at a higher speed and resist the establishment and wear of such applications.

Cutting tools for composite materials

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is a kind of resin rich material which has special processing problems in machining hole or milling process, such as drilling expansion and layering. Tool life is also a problem, because these composites are very rough. OHSG integrated tooling solutions include special engineering tools that feature our patented ultra-fine diamond coatings.

Cutting tools HGSRA

There are significant processing problems in heat resistant superalloys, because the heat of cutting force is not easy to disperse, so it is more rapidly transferred to the tool, which greatly reduces the tool life. OHSG has developed a special tool, such as variable rakes and helices with advanced coating technologies, to counter the excessive heat encountered in processing HGRSA.

Tool for titanium

Titanium has significant processing challenges, especially in the milling process, because the heat of the cutting force will quickly return to the cutting tool, not on the chip. OHSG has developed specialized tools such as variable spirals and “real” 4-flute ball mills and advanced coating techniques to counter the heat buildup that is encountered while processing titanium alloys.

Cutting tool aluminium

In the aircraft industry, aluminum alloy is still an important basic supporting material. The success of these parts depends not only on the tool life, but also on the metal cutting rate (MRR). That’s why OHSG has developed tools like ex carbon blizzard to achieve high MRR with DLC coating and has an incredible tool life.

Cutting tools for tower components

It is a ductile iron turbine casing or alloy material such as the tower assembly. OHSG has developed specific threads, boreholes and milling tools for these materials and applications.