Cutting tools

Cutting tools for cylinder cover

As demand for weight loss, energy efficiency and low emissions increase, the use of aluminium is increasing. OHSG provides a variety of innovative tool technologies designed specifically for aluminum profile applications.

Cutter crank shaft

In crankshaft oil channel of high precision deep hole or complex step drill and, in the performance of the link rod mining OHSG have proven solutions, such as our exotap – dc tap and ex tubes – wdo drill deep hole to deal with each operation.

Cast iron knives

For machine nodular cast iron and CHGI,OHSG has special design, drilling and milling solutions for each application.

Alloy steel tools

For forging alloy steel or powder metal, OHSG specially designed thread, drill and milling solution for each application.

Cutting tool aluminium

Aluminum castings and other lightweight colored materials provide a great energy efficiency for automobile manufacturers. OHSG has designed threads, drills and milling solutions for the most popular aluminum casting materials.

Tools for tooth decay and core

The cavity and core work require high – performance, high – precision mold, specially designed for hard milling and high speed machining (HGSM). OHSG’s PHOENIX and EXOCARB tools are specially designed for mold/mold applications, ranging from coarse indexable cutting tools to high-precision machining end mills.

Tools at the mold base

OHSG produces high-precision deep hole drill which directly corresponds to the waterline size of the most popular die base. Ultra-precision coupling double margin design improves the precision and precision of the hole, reduces the accumulation of calcium and extends the die life.

Cutter frame

Our featured rib – row milling cutter is the largest in the industry, which features a lower neck style, straight wall and tapered ribs, and processed ribs. Look at the carbon – SHP, WHXL and WHXS of your rib solution.

Cutting tool electrode