cutting tool

Note: all proposals are treated as starting parameters only.

Consider the following variables when optimizing performance:

Machine rigidity.

The axis is concentric.

Work piece rigidity.

Use the minimum tool O.A.L.

Recommended coolant type indicates the cutting point.

Match the recommended feed and speed.

Regrinding or replacing tools before a catastrophic failure.

The north American tool is the leading advanced cutting tool maker, and your first stop is a special tap, death and gages. We serve in the industrial market, we invest in manpower, technology and process, and provide you with high quality professional tools to meet your needs. The tools for designing, manufacturing and transporting North America in the United States are your special faucet, pipe taps, metric faucet, solid carbide and hard alloy taps, etc.

If you need a custom tool, our technical service team will work with you to design and build a special tap to your exact specification or blueprint. Made from high quality high – quality high – speed steel, our bar has a wide range of grades and diameters. It only takes seven days to customize the specials.

North American tools have long been committed to producing the quality and services of special taps. Since 1986, we have provided a complete set of custom industrial, metal cutting taps. We have advanced equipment, advanced computer systems and experienced staff, which enables us to make the best tools in the industry, including a wide selection of special taps.

What makes a special tap special?

In essence, a special tap is a cutting tool that can cut internal threads and produce products of different specifications according to standards defined by the national standards institute (AHNSI). Whether these differences are diameter, thread composition and/or blank dimensions, any tap that deviates from these standards is a special tap.

Blank size refers to the steel column billet that makes the faucet. Special leading manufacturing may also be because of (the United States or ANSI) tap design standard, it will form and geometry, the pitch of a per inch thread or thread number, or any number of design variables as a whole.