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The solid particle hard alloy notices the surface of the surface of the mirror that is prominent on the plane of our tool. The end is there for a reason! On the plane of the semicircle and quadranial knife, a very fine “polished” surface provides a smooth, nonblocking chip flow path. This helps remove the chip and creates a cleaner look, no burr. Carbide-long carving cutting tool: the specified tool must be engraved with the material.

Reason: Point and relief angles differ in the design of a particular material

These unique designs improve tool life and cut quality.

When ordering, you can use the following abbreviations:

HHR – half wheel, HRB – semicircle blank, qr code circle, qhrb-quarter round blank

ACR: acrylic resin glass BAL: brass, aluminum

FHLX: flexible engraving stock SHSS: stainless steel, hard metal

SHTN: template PHN: phenolic and bakelite

Friction: rubber stamp seal: company seal

Note: the cutter can complete your special size, no extra charge!

You only need to specify the desired tip size when ordering: a special tool for hard alloy

Please indicate the required tip/flat diameter when ordering.

. 005,. 010,. 015,. 020,. 025,. 030,. 040,. 050,. 060,. 075,. 090, and so on.

Cutting machine/miter: when ordering, specify the thickness of the material.

The standard of Bevellers is designed to be cut and

Oblique 1/8 “or 1/16” material.

Gold standard tool coating (tin)

The crown’s “gold standard” series is the latest technology in titanium nitride coating, and in many applications, difficult and abrasive materials such as stainless steel are often processed. The “gold standard” of cast hard alloy “gold standard” is getting better and better, the change of the tool is less, the quantity of heat accumulation is small, the speed is fast, the life length is 3-5 times. The coated cutter can be worn again and still two to three times longer than the uncoated cutter. Any crown cutter can be coated with titanium nitride. Please contact your dealer for pricing. Specify tin when ordering. Solid carbide professional tools

Beveller points out that when ordering Bevellers, specify the cut Angle.

(30 degrees, 45 degrees or edges)

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