Cutting performance

Cutting performance.



Wear high


Reduce tooltips


High chip

Cut interest rates sharply

The edge



Stainless steel is often used in aerospace and automotive industries because they are durable and corrosion-resistant. However,

Stainless steel is hard to process and hardened


  • machining hardening requires high cutting force to reduce tool life.
  • high strength performance leads to chip breakage.
  • low thermal conductivity leads to high temperature of cutting tool tip, leading to tool wear.
  • high chemical reactions lead to jamming and clogging during wafer evacuation. This results in the erosion of the rake surface and the destruction of the cutting edge

Exxtral + (AlTiN)

Aluminum and Titanium Nitride

It is ideal for high performance processing of hardened materials. Its chemical composition makes its hardness high, is a kind of characteristic

It requires cutting hard material. In addition, Exxtral + coating corrosion resistance increase temperature up to 1470 ° F; The temperature is significantly higher than that of tin.

The application

Steel (carbon, mild, stainless steel, HGSS)/ / Inconel //

Ti… And other black metal materials

Color anthracite, dark grey

Microhardness of microhardness (high pressure) 3300

Friction polynomial coefficient. Steel (dry) 0.7

Max. The operating temperature of 800 ° C

1470 ° F

Coating thickness * 2-5 (mu m)

Multilayer structure

Exxtral silver (AlTiCrN)

Aluminum, Titanium, Chromium Nitride

ES is a PHVD coating specially used for hard alloy cutting tools and abrasive and adhesive materials. Its chemical composition includes a smooth CrN surface, which reduces the trend of cold welding and is used to cut the ideal properties of hard materials.

The application

Titanium / / Inconel / / stainless steel / / cast iron

… And their alloys

Silver color

Microhardness of microhardness (high pressure) 3300

Friction polynomial coefficient. Steel (dry) 0.4

Max. The operating temperature of 800 ° C

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