Cutting diameter

Reducing variability and process control leads to cost savings and increases the reliability of the proh pipeline. SSH, President and CEO, is 100% committed to making this quality project not a short-term solution to potential problems, but a way of life in a company’s working environment. To this end, a comprehensive quality and operational manual was drafted and all operational functions and key procedures were established. Our technical equipment is designed to ensure consistency and accuracy, tool post-tool. Our cutting tools are made according to the following tolerance.

Cutting diameter of standard milling cutter: + / -.002

Diameter: + / measures

Ball nose radius: + / measures

Cutting diameter of rough milling cutter: + / -.005″

The radial runout tolerance:. “In all series, the maximum shank cutting diameter”.

Conical tolerance:. 0005 “the biggest

Management and staff are aware that continuous improvement of business in all areas is a never-ending task; An urgent quest.

Precision cutting tool

PX Tools L.P. is a senior manufacturer of cemented carbide round Tools in rancho cordoba, California. The company is located in a 36,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility with about 85 employees.

Our mission

We focus on the quality assurance. In PXTools L.P., our quality management system focuses on providing:

Non-defective cutting tools and services

Maintain good communication with our customers to better understand their cutting tools and service requirements and expectations

Advanced manufacturing, process control and inspection equipment

Staff training to maintain product quality

Most importantly, our goal is to meet customers’ needs and expectations 100%.

At PX tools co., we focus on the high-performance carbide end milling cutter.

Our goal

Focus on quality assurance

Create undefective cutting tools and services

Staff training to maintain product quality

To achieve these goals, we must strive to maintain the leading edge of manufacturing techniques and processes. The PX tool is used: