Custom tool

Whether it’s OHSG tools or competitive tools, we’re happy to resurrect your PHCD tool!

Custom tool

The OHSG tool adjustment service also provides the ability to provide specialized custom tools for niche applications and work.

We can make your specifications quickly and use OHSG quality standards, whether it is a special drill or a complicated step drill or a PHCD cutter.


The EXOCARB AHDO drill series is an advanced series of high performance bits for the OHSG’s hard alloy coolant. The design is designed to drill out 30X diameters in all kinds of steel without pecking. New point geometry shape to reduce the thrust produced sharp cutting action, and our proprietary EGIAS coating provides great hardness and heat resistance, the higher the rate of penetration and incredible tool life.

Characteristics of the

EGIAS nano coating technology for OHSG

Wavy cutting edge design

Internal cooling hole

The interests of

The high coating oxidation temperature and hardness significantly improved wear resistance

Sharper cutting moves reduce thrust and produce smaller chips for simple drilling

The coolant conveying at the cutting edge can reduce the heat and improve the evacuation of the chip, thus improving the life of the cutter and improving the drilling speed.

Cutting tool ThreaDHINg

Whether it’s aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel, the exopro-xpf of OHSG or similar HGYPRO tap can do all of this

Cutting tool boring

OHSG’s former gold drill is still the gold standard for drilling in a wide variety of materials, even the most volatile machining equipment. More advanced machine control? Gradually go to carbon – wd & ex carbonization WHDO.

Cutter milling

During the milling process, the versatility requires a lot of material performance, but it also needs to be shown in a series of milling configurations. The hy- pro Carb VGx of OHSG has been done