Bone plate cutting tool

Bone plate cutting tool

OHSG is ph, 304, 316, or 17-4 for these materials and application development of specific drilling and milling tools, such as our 4 and 5, flute type variable pitch hydrogen – pro CHARB VGx end milling cutter and the ex – sus gold bit.

Stainless steel cutting tools

OHSG for 304, 316, 17-4 ph, for these materials and application development of specific thread, drilling, milling tools, just like our 4 – flute and 5 – flute type variable pitch high – pro CHARB VGx series end mill.

Tool for titanium

This kind of ti – 6 al4v materials had a lot of challenges in the process of machining, especially in the process of milling, because the heat of cutting force will soon return to cutting tools, rather than scattered on a chip. The OHSG’s 4-flute and 5-flute variable pitch VHGx end milling cutter series are designed to reduce the higher cutting temperatures encountered in milling titanium.

A cobalt chromium cutting tool

Cobalt chromium is still a more difficult material to process, especially when milling, due to its very rough properties. The key to success is to reduce small talk, resist heat through friction, and maintain the cost of the tool itself. The end mills of the hy-pro CARB and hy-pro CHARB VGX series of OHSG realized the key to the three success.

Ductile iron cutter

The ductile iron is a very challenging machine, regardless of grade, with hard spots and inclusions in the casting material. This is why we have a new coating technology for powder metal and hard alloy substrate, which provides you with possible best thread, drilling and milling solutions.

Alloy steel tools

Look at our outer carbon-WHDO deep hole cemented carbide drill, used for cooling ant applications and our HELIOS borehole, used for non-pecking drilling, without coolant through the spindle.