BK 600 H

There is an optional high torque hob module with up to 17.0 mm. With wide selection, such as hydraulic jig, complete chassis and work piece automation, BK 600 H adresses all required large shaft production.

Max gear/shaft Ø: 600 mm, 2451 mm long

Axial stroke: up to 2540 mm

Max. Module: 12 modules

Six axis CHNC control; Graphic format menu

Fanuc 31 I CHNC; 10.4 “color display

High quality design, manufacturing and technology

Axis, gear set and spline

Modular design allows for a variety of length configurations

Stress loss and composite structure

Anti-friction hardening and grounding mode

High performance integral torque motor

C – axis work

The wiring is 460 volts, 3 phases, 60 Hertz

Anti-friction hardening and grounding mode

Method for the z-axis and tail center

CHNC programmable hob rotation setting

Grease lubrication of all bearing surfaces

The board to AHMT and ansi-nfpa 79 yards

Wet or dry cutting, with cooling tank/pump assembly

B-hob servo motor

C axis – work spindle servo motor

X-axis – radial feed servo motor

Y-axis – tangential/hob switch servo motor

Axial feed servomotor

One axis – hob rotation

Automatic single – double cutting cycle

The change in velocity and feed

Crown squeeze cycle

Cone squeeze cycle

Radial and tangential feed worm gear cycle

Operator friendly data input HMI screen

The machine draws a standard color

The number of options available is reduced

Work light

Programmable, multi-cutting ability

Star SHU offers a range of gear shaping machine tools and offers a variety of options. Check out our selected Bourn & Koch researcher’s gear shaping machine.

From the best performance of gear shaping machine, Bourn & Koch created a new line of vertical shape. These sturdy machines are designed to eliminate vibration and retain the use of a generation. The vertical slide is equipped with fast wire and CHNC through a precise, hardened, anti-rebound preloaded ball screw.


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