8 threads per inch

Our large – calibre faucets cut off fast and precise threads, making them indispensable in industries that are vital to speed, safety and productivity. The supply of RL is a wide range of energy applications:

8 threads per inch

Eight tone taps

Oil RIGS, natural gas pipelines, power plant platforms, and many other equipment energy exploration and transmission companies rely on thick 8 lines of fasteners per inch. When these components require regular maintenance or emergency maintenance, the company needs the best tools to maintain the safety of the workers and workers.

It was originally for the screw thread of large diameter and high pressure flange and bolt joint design, have eight pitch faucet, is all sorts of oil, utilities and commonly used in the heavy construction projects, because when pressed for time, they provide a quick assembly and disassembly. RL provides 8 screw-pitch taps at the taper and bottom, with a diameter of 4 inches and 8 pitch plugs, which can quickly and effectively connect the large diameter pressure joint. A half-inch size consists of four or six flute, while the larger size will have six or more flute. More flutes provide greater hardness, balancing each cut edge, keeping the chip thinner and reducing wear and tear.

10 threads per inch

Section 10 tap

The RL’s 10 screw-pitch taps are used for heavy construction mining equipment, but its main applications are through holes in sucker couplings and sinker sticks in pumping equipment. These faucets are specially designed to connect the high strength materials between 20 feet or longer, as well as the piston pump station.

The deeper the well, the more roods must be added. Joint collapse in a hole is not an option, and it is vital to be able to coupling these roods quickly. The RL’s 10 pitch faucets are built for strength and durability. The plug, taper and bottom dig styles range from 1 1/8 inch to 1 inch in diameter.

12 threads per inch

Twelve pitch tap

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