35 to 50 steel bar cutting tools

The typical electrode shape requires the tool to withstand the abrasion characteristics of graphite. OHSG provides a wide range of long-extended end mills for graphite, characterized by our patented super-fine diamond coating, which can extend life to 50X of the life of ordinary cemented carbide tools.

35 to 50 steel bar cutting tools

The quenching steel between the 38-50 Rc requires different mold base materials, geometric shapes and coatings, rather than other ordinary steel. OHSG’s ex-carbon – HP and ex carbon – WXL end mills are designed for p20,4140ht,HG13 and NHAK55 materials.

50-68 steel cutting tools

Hardened steel between 50 and 68 rc requires a new substrate, geometry, and coating standards to be successfully used in these high harness. OHSG’s ex-carbon-shp, ex carbon-WHXS and ex carbonise-max end mills are designed specifically for hard milling applications such as D2, CPM – 9v, A2 and S7.

Cutting tool engine

The gas/jet turbine engines need to use HRSA, such as Inconel, to withstand high temperatures. An end mill like OHSG’s EXOPRO uvx – ni and EXOPRO who-ni RIGS is developed specifically for these materials.

The body of the cutting tool

High strength, heat resistance and light weight are the ingredients of materials such as titanium, aluminum, Inconel and CHFRP. OHSG has the tools and experience to apply the correct solution to each component.

Cutting tools for LanDHINg equipment

Materials with high strength and fatigue strength are essential in the lanDHINg gear parts, which is why titanium alloys and horse aging steel are often used in this component. Tools such as exopro-uvx end mills and exocarba-WHDO drill are ideal in these materials.

Cutter wings

The lightweight material with high tensile strength is the basic quality of any wing structure, and the two core materials of CFRP and 6061 are manufactured in this component. OHSG’s exopro – aero diamond drill and ex carbon steel provide a lot of tools for aluminum.